Beef cooking methods: curing, salting and drying.

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Today, beef meat products are sold in large stores as well as small groceries shops. The product is generally available and certainly delicious. But is it always safe? We are assured that yes, because it is being processed, as a result of which becomes dried, smoked, pickled.

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What is jerky?

Cooking beef this way makes it soft and chewy, but (not dry!). Biochemical characteristics are preserved almost as in a fresh product.

There are three important conditions for a high-quality maturation and fermentation process:

  • preliminary disinfection using dry salting;
  • presence of low temperatures;
  • access to fresh air.

That is why the meat slices are not laid out on the surface, but suspended.
To keep costs down, manufacturers use dryers. However, in this case the process can hardly be called a full-fledged "drying", rather, the result will be a dried delicacy.
Beef jerky is made safe for human health by 2 types of preliminary processing: salt - osmosis (the amount of salt is 1/10 of the weight of the meat product), and also, thermal. The second is effective only at the temperature of not less than 72-74 ° С.
Food industry enterprises add sodium nitrate to get fast results.
Yes, it destroys pathogenic bacteria, helps to impart beautiful color. However, in the human body it is transformed into substances that can cause cancer.
Therefore, we make naturally cured delicacies only in natural conditions, vouching for its quality!  

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Dry-cured meat products

 Let's consider the distinctive features of three drying methods.

  • Drying - thermal method, during which the raw material loses moisture almost completely and becomes brittle. There are many homemade recipes using an oven or dryer. The main thing is to follow the rules of slicing and processing in order to destroy pathogenic microbes.
  • Sublimation - fast drying at very low temperatures and low pressures. Only possible in an industrial environment. The beneficial properties of the delicacy are fully preserved, safety is guaranteed.
  • Smoking is one of the safest methods of cooking meat products. At the same time, beef, pork, poultry retain microelements, and with cold smoking - vitamins. However, smoked products become harmful due to the high salt content, as well as carcinogens.
There is also pickling as a technology for extending the shelf life of beef - keeping the raw in a concentrated saline solution. With this technology, a delicacy turns out to be soft, delicate, preserving vitamins, minerals, and has a pleasant meaty taste.

Dozens of raw beef dishes have taken root in the cuisines of all nations. But why, after all, at first glance, they are very dangerous for the human body? The answer is simple: the right preparation makes food safe. To make food safe and enjoy the taste without unpleasant consequences, follow the rules:

  • buy only from trusted suppliers;
  • salt, cure, smoke, dry in compliance with all precautions and recipes: do not ignore any of the stages, spare an extra time;
  • before use, carefully inspect the dry-cured beef, sniff it, and check the expiration dates;
  • Throw away suspicious meat products. Don't take a risk!
Also, remember: meat is a source of cholesterol (although this applies more to pork). And processed by the above methods contains a dangerous amount of salt - one small appetizer portion can contain up to the daily requirement. 

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