Dry-cured chicken products: benefits and method of preparation.

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What to cook with Beef Jerky?

What is curing? It is a common way to process meat. Since ancient times, people have learned to cure beef and pork for canning purposes. Thus, naturally preserving most of the vitamins for a long time.

Almost everyone likes meat, especially beef or pork. As a rule of thumb, the meat must be seasoned in a pre-made marinade. Then comes the process of drying at the right temperature and without exposure to sunlight. After which the delicacy can be consumed.

Dried products in the life of mankind has appeared long time ago. This technology of cooking pork or beef allowed people to prepare the meat, so that it could be eaten after a while.

Nowadays, to get a dried product, it is enough to use the oven. But this method dries out the beef too much. Only professionals are able to prepare a really useful and delicious cured meat.

Beef Jerky can play the role of an independent appetizer and be added to other dishes, with whatever the gourmet desires:

  • soup;
  • salad;
  • second course;
  • rolls etc.
One of the most common dishes is Kabardian bean soup with dried beef. The recipe is quite simple. You need beans, which are soaked and left for some time. After a few hours, it is put on a small fire. After the beans are boiled, the rest of the ingredients are added: potatoes, carrots, roast, a few pieces of beef jerky and salt. As a seasoning, hot or bell peppers will do.

Dry beef is convenient to make a salad with beans. Separately boil regular beans and string beans. A small piece of dried meat is cut into small cubes. After that, chopped tomato is added. Once the beans have cooled, all the ingredients are mixed and dressed with lemon juice, salt and spices. The salad is thoroughly mixed and served. What to eat it with, it is up to the lovers of this dish.

This product is perfectly combined with green salad and cheese. To prepare it, you don‘t need as many ingredients: onion, cucumber, dried or dried product, cheese and sesame. The onion is sliced first, then the cucumber and parmesan, and the beef jerky follows at the end. The greens are best torn by hand. The dressing sauce can be made to taste. It is recommended that the sesame be toasted without adding oil, only then added to the overall bowl. The dressing sauce is added to the salad and stirred. Before serving for consumption, the dressing is placed side by side so that everyone can add it to taste.

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What is the benefit of jerky?

Despite the fact that the meat product goes through a long process of curing, it keeps in itself all the most necessary nutrients for the human body. Dried beef is able to preserve proteins, vitamins A and B, trace elements and amino acids. It also has proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which is required for athletes and people who care about their health and follow the diet.

The positive qualities of curing include:

  • Dried meat contains almost no preservatives, only salt and natural spices;
  • Dried product can be served in different ways (as an appetizer, or an ingredient). Men often consume dried cured snacks with alcoholic beverages;
  • Pork and beef in the dried state are stored for quite a long time. Having sliced meat, you can tamp it in special bags and store it until the right occasion. Even a glass jar is suitable for storage.

Without a refrigerator, the dried cured meat carries its usefulness for about thirty days. In a cold place it retains its properties as much as three months. Large pieces are placed in food grade textile bags. It is important for the storage place should be dry and ventilated. Then you can get out of the stash the delicacy and prepare an exclusive dish for the guests at any time you want.

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