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Fun facts to know about jerky

The origin of the word “jerky” derives from “Charqui” which means “to burn meat”. The word “charqui” comes from a South American native tribe, called Quechua. The Quechua commonly used alpaca or llama meat, which has been boned, sliced, pounded thin, salted, and sun-dried or smoked over the fire! In 1996, the jerky made its way from the Kennedy Space Centre towards Russia’s Mir Space Station, where all the crew aboard enjoyed this lightweight, high protein treat. 

Humans aren’t the only beings to make “jerky”, since ancient times, red fire ants also used to make stash for a rainy day. They've been "making jerky" by storing bits & pieces of prey just under their anthill to dry, to be eaten when food is less abundant. 

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What to eat jerky with?

What is curing? It is a common way to process meat. Since ancient times, people have learned to cure beef and pork for canning purposes. Thus, naturally preserving most of the vitamins for a long time.

Almost everyone likes meat, especially beef or pork. As a rule of thumb, the meat must be seasoned in a pre-made marinade. Then comes the process of drying at the right temperature and without exposure to sunlight. After which the delicacy can be consumed.

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The world’s most famous varieties of dried pork

Drying is one of the oldest ways to prepare meat. It doesn't matter what kind: beef, venison, pork, horse meat, poultry ... What became the prerequisites for its appearance? Most likely, the need to preserve the remnants of fresh carcasses that have not been eaten right away. It's a shame to throw it away!

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Turkey is the best dietary meat.

Turkey meat is beneficial for everyone: athletes, children, pregnant women suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity and gastrointestinal tract dysfunctions. Thanks to:

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Dry-cured chicken products: benefits and method of preparation.

Delicate dietary chicken meat is an essential component in human nutrition. Dried chick is present on the table as an independent dish, as well as an appetizer, soups and broths, crisps, an ingredient in salads and pies.

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Beef cooking methods: curing, salting and drying.

Today, beef meat products are sold in large stores as well as small groceries shops. The product is generally available and certainly delicious. But is it always safe? We are assured that yes, because it is being processed, as a result of which becomes dried, smoked, pickled.