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Jerky Astronaut

Why NASA sent jerky into space?

The answer is simple - it's too costly to send things up to space so the food has specific requirements of providing balanced nutrition for astronauts whereas the storage, preparation and consumption of it in a weightless environment has to be as easy as possible. 

NASA has prepared menus that include dried fruit, yoghurt, sausage, beef jerky, mashed potatoes, pasta and cheese, prawn cocktail. Even desserts. Most of the meals are dehydrated so the astronauts just add water. 

Scientists and astronauts are also growing fresh food in space. Project Veggie on the International Space Station has helped astronauts become farmers and grow their own lettuce and cabbage.


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Natural products all year round

Despite Jerky can last up to 6 months it's usually consumed straight away as it is so delicious!

June 12th is the Jerky Day 

Jerky Day was created to celebrate the history, popularity and nutritional benefits of any type of snacks made from dried meats

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Fun facts to know about jerky

The origin of the word “jerky” derives from “Charqui” which means “to burn meat”. The word “charqui” comes from a South American native tribe, called Quechua. The Quechua commonly used alpaca or llama meat, which has been boned, sliced, pounded thin, salted, and sun-dried or smoked over the fire! In 1996, the jerky made its way from the Kennedy Space Centre towards Russia’s Mir Space Station, where all the crew aboard enjoyed this lightweight, high protein treat. 

Humans aren’t the only beings to make “jerky”, since ancient times, red fire ants also used to make stash for a rainy day. They've been "making jerky" by storing bits & pieces of prey just under their anthill to dry, to be eaten when food is less abundant. 

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The color of the yolk of a chicken egg: what should it be and what it depends on?

Abnormal eggs with weird yolks are known to many poultry people. Does the color of the inner core depend on the shell, the colour of the plumage of the birds or the presence of a rooster in the hen house? Experts say that none of these criteria do not affect the colour in any way.

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How to choose the right honey?

Everyone knows about such a useful product as honey. It is also called the gift of nature, because it is the simplest way to improve the immunity of the human body. Real honey is a product that can be used prophylactically to prevent or cure certain diseases and pathologies.

Honey is used to make some kinds of medicines at home. In addition, you can always find a medicine that contains honey on the shelves on any pharmacy. The only problem today is to find a really good high grade natural product. Among the huge range of honey it is difficult to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine bee harvest.

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What to eat jerky with?

What is curing? It is a common way to process meat. Since ancient times, people have learned to cure beef and pork for canning purposes. Thus, naturally preserving most of the vitamins for a long time.

Almost everyone likes meat, especially beef or pork. As a rule of thumb, the meat must be seasoned in a pre-made marinade. Then comes the process of drying at the right temperature and without exposure to sunlight. After which the delicacy can be consumed.

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The world’s most famous varieties of dried pork

Drying is one of the oldest ways to prepare meat. It doesn't matter what kind: beef, venison, pork, horse meat, poultry ... What became the prerequisites for its appearance? Most likely, the need to preserve the remnants of fresh carcasses that have not been eaten right away. It's a shame to throw it away!

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Turkey is the best dietary meat.

Turkey meat is beneficial for everyone: athletes, children, pregnant women suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity and gastrointestinal tract dysfunctions. Thanks to:

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Dry-cured chicken products: benefits and method of preparation.

Delicate dietary chicken meat is an essential component in human nutrition. Dried chick is present on the table as an independent dish, as well as an appetizer, soups and broths, crisps, an ingredient in salads and pies.

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Beef cooking methods: curing, salting and drying.

Today, beef meat products are sold in large stores as well as small groceries shops. The product is generally available and certainly delicious. But is it always safe? We are assured that yes, because it is being processed, as a result of which becomes dried, smoked, pickled.

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Natural dried oranges: a beautiful and tasty treat.

The golden fragrant sun will garnish any festive table. It can also be used to decorate premises, gifts, bouquets, Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees. Yes, this is all about desiccated orange - a treat made according to a simple and healthy recipe.

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Dried mango fruits: how to cook it yourself?

Why not try a healthy, nutritious but worth its weight in gold delicacy - dried mango. No less attractive are canned mango slices as well as fruit combined with, say, meat. However, first things first.

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Dried lemon products

Lemon is an important source of vitamins for maintaining immunity. One fact is upsetting: it does not grow everywhere, and the harvest is not harvested all year round. However, people have long found a way out and learned how to harvest fruitage (oranges, pineapples, pears, grapes ...). We will discuss further the features of such products, how and with what they are used, where they are purchased.

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Natural Dried Pineapples

Personally, we do not know people who would not love this amazing exotic fruit! Fresh, canned, dried pineapple and dishes made out of it are a real delight.

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How to buy natural homemade eggs

A fresh, home-made chicken egg is a valuable nutritious product. It's a rare success especially for a city dweller to acquire an environmentally friendly dozen. Therefore, towners often buy them from farms, from trusted manufacturers, despite the fact that the price is slightly higher.