How to choose the right honey?

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What are the dangers of a fake honey?

Everyone knows about such a useful product as honey. It is also called the gift of nature, because it is the simplest way to improve the immunity of the human body. Real honey is a product that can be used prophylactically to prevent or cure certain diseases and pathologies.

Honey is used to make some kinds of medicines at home. In addition, you can always find a medicine that contains honey on the shelves on any pharmacy. The only problem today is to find a really good high grade natural product. Among the huge range of honey it is difficult to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine bee harvest.

Before buying honey products, it is worth bearing in mind that the product can be both natural and counterfeit. An ardent counterfeit can be detrimental to health. How to spot a fake?
A low-quality product includes various additives in its composition. The essential oil helps fraudsters to pass off poor quality products as high quality. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the varieties. To distinguish whether or not it is fake, you need to know about the composition of the honey. Redundant additives can be:

  • Sugar;
  • Molasses;
  • Starch.

All of these ruin the useful properties of honey. The listed additives trigger chemical processes that are harmful to the human body. The most dangerous products include: iodine and vinegar. There is also a synthetic product, a counterfeit that is often tried to pass off as a real stuff. This type of product is illegal.

Unripe, fermented and sugary products can compromise human health. The latter is produced by feeding sugar syrup to the bees. This kind of counterfeit can adversely affect the body with poisoning, diabetes, or allergic reactions.

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How to check honey quality?

To tell the difference between a high grade product and a substandard one, it's worth taking note of some signs that will help you determine the best choice. The honey should not be too liquid. However, in this case, it is advisable to refer to the season. The honey should be liquid only during the harvesting process. Later on, the product will thicken a little, just let it sit for a while. If you manage to buy sweet honey products in winter in liquid form, there is a huge chance that they have either been heated or diluted.

Unlike real honey, diluted honey has white flecks (the first sign of sugar). When the product is diluted with water or other additives, this is reflected by fermentation and stratification.

To check your purchase for fakes, you can rub it with your fingers. If the quality is high, the product will adhere perfectly, forming a viscous film. A fake will be distinguished by a moist feeling and the possibility of rolling the product into a lump.

The high class of honey can be checked with an ordinary napkin. It is sufficient to drop a small amount of product on it. The real one will form a well-defined droplet, and from a stick or spoon will pull a very thin hair. A fake will immediately start to spread.

Even an ordinary mug and water can help you identify real honey. You need to put the product in a container of liquid and stir it. If there are any impurities, they will be visible at the bottom. Provided that it is hot outdoors, you can tell a fake product with a simple spoon. With a cutlery you should swirl the honey around in a swift motion. The natural product will remind you of caramel, wrapping around the cutlery. The fake will drip off at a brisk pace, not having time to stand still in its fixed form.

Effective methods include identifying fakes by means of paper. It helps to establish whether impurities contain water. Put some honey on the sheet and leave it for five minutes. The best quality honey will not soak into the paper, so if you buy it, you won't regret it.

When the product has already crystallised, a fire will help you distinguish the high grade of the honey. A small amount should be set on fire. A real product will melt, and a fake one will hiss and crackle.

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Natural bee honey

Honey products are the most hardened form of delicacy. Everyone knows that honey is healthy, especially when it's genuine. It is very important to be able to distinguish a high grade product from a substandard one and to use at least a couple of ways to determine exceptional quality. A good quality honey products indispensably help boosting the immune system and more.

Natural honey is full of vitamins and minerals. It has a range of B vitamins, K, E, C, provitamin A. Why is it so important to distinguish a genuine product from a diluted one? Because the vitamins are combined with natural mineral salts and biogenic amines. Thus, a real product is beneficial for humans, unlike a synthetic one. In addition to the presence of useful components, natural bee honey contains fructose and glucose, which is much better than pure sugar.

Organic farm honey has the following positive effects on the human body

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves digestion and prevents stomach malfunctions;
  • the presence of calcium in the product guarantees help in strengthening bones;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, making them elastic. It also increases the quality of the blood;
  • in the period when the body is affected by infectious diseases or colds, honey has an excellent effect on the lungs. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps a person to recover quickly;
  • The iron in the product provides a prophylactic measure against anaemia;
  • diabetics can safely eat honey, but to do this, you need to know how to competently distinguish between synthetics;
  • has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The real farmer's product is now often used in cosmetic treatments. The positive properties of real raw honey help in skin and hair care. It is a surefire way of external revitalisation. Wrap procedures have become popular in cosmetology. In addition, there are quite a few hair care products that contain honey.

Sweet product can be contraindicated for certain reasons, for example, if there is an allergy to any of the varieties. Farmer's honey is usually suitable for everyone, but if you show signs of allergy, you should be more careful in determining the variety for yourself. Before buying a high class product, it is still necessary to study all the nuances. It is worth noting that if the honey has stood for several months and has sugared, then it is a real product. But this method takes too long to verify.

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