We guarantee the freshness and naturalness of our products at all times but if you still not satisfied then we'll be happy to return your money back or replace the product.

Our promise:

Our products are made by the use of the unique recipe that keeps the goodness within for your benefits

We stay away from GMO or artificial junk and use only natural ingredients

We use only fresh stuff from the local family farms as well as from the households that grow food naturally

You will be satisfied with our homemade goods and may wish to come back again

Although we offer a money-back guaranty we believe that you'll like our products so much that you'll never have to worry.

Bee good to yourself:

You'll get the most out of our products if treat them right

Purchased product should only be used in accordance with the storage instructions 

Do not consume out dated products or products with the damaged packaging
Although jerky can stay fresh for quite a long period of time in sealed vacuum packaging we recommend consuming it within one week after opening

We cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise in case of non-compliance with the above rules